Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Pet Hall of Fame

Sooty - October 2015 ( Pet of Month)

Sooty required emergency surgery after vet Rachel diagnosed him with a condition called Intussusception.This is where a section of the intestines (the small intestines in Sooty's case) slides into another (like pieces on a telescope). When this happens, the blood supply to that section is greatly reduced & the tissue begins to swell and die.

Sooty was in alot of pain and without immediate treatment the condition can be fatal,  so he was prepared for an emergency operation.Rachel discovered that the trapped part of Sooty's intestine was too badly damaged to be saved so she needed to perform a procedure called an intestinal anastomosis, where the damaged intestine is removed and healthy intestine is reconnected.
Following this operation, Sooty was not doing as well as we'd hoped, so head vet Cathy needed to carry out a second operation to assess the health of Sooty's intestines and check for signs of peritonitis which can be a complication of this operation.
24hours after his second operation, Sooty started to show signs of improving. He was much more comfortable and happy to have cuddles with the nurses. He also started to eat which is always a good sign that an animal is feeling better.

This brave boy is now recuperating at home with his owner and we are pleased to say that he is slowly getting better each day. Well done Sooty!

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