Tuesday, 24 March 2020


** Please note, the following advice may change following government / Royal college veterinary surgeons advice over the forthcoming days - we will keep you updated**
The safety of our staff, our clients and their families are paramount. We appreciate this is a very uncertain and worrying time for everyone.Following the latest advice we are changing the way that we are working. Please read the following advice carefully. If you need any further clarification please do call our Ruislip hospital on 01895 633600
Our priority right now is to continue providing a service to sick and injured pets and to reduce the amount of routine appointments we undertake and to stop routine/elective operations/procedures such as neutering and dental scale/polish.
🔹 What types of procedures are still going ahead?

 Sick / unwell and injured pets
 Puppy / Kitten vaccinations
 Animals needing the 2nd part of their vaccination course.
 Dental procedures - if the vet deems necessary for the health and welfare of the pet.
 End of life care / euthanasia

💊 Routine medication health checks ( these will be at the vet's discretion - please telephone and we will advise you )

⚠️ Routine appointments and elective procedures are not going ahead:
🚫 Routine neutering ( when there are not other entire animals of the opposite sex in the same household)
If you have a kitten we recommend NOT letting them outside until they are fully vaccinated and NEUTERED. Please keep them inside.

🚫 Routine health checks/ nail clips.
🚫 Dental procedures ( unless the vet deems necessary)
🚫 Canine /feline/ rabbit boosters - we would kindly ask that you call back in 1 month.
🚫 Weight clinic/ nurse consults
🚫 Minor grooming
🚫 Home visits

🔹 Please book an appointment in advance ( no walk-ins)

🔹 When you arrive let us know you are here by phoning us - please wait in your car.
🔹 The vet will come and get your pet from you so that you do not need to enter the practice. ( no contact consultation)
🔹 We request only one owner attends the appointment.
🔹 Payments - these will be taken over the phone.

 Please call & order repeat prescriptions/ order as normal.

 The vet will prescribe the medication
 We will then call you and take payment over the phone

You will be given a time to collect your order - we have a designated pick up point.

*** If you are unable to come and collect your order - please call us and we will advise you on how we can help***