Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Charity Canoe Challenge!

Our head vet Cathy Siddle and her daughter Alison are embarking on a four day charity canoe trip along the Zambezi River! This water-safari challenge will take place between 2–10 September 2017. They'll be paddling 12–24km a day, but will have plenty of opportunity to marvel at the stunning landscapes of Zambia and get up close (but not too close!) to the incredible wildlife, whilst raising money for the worldwide veterinary service (WVS). They will also get to spend a day at an elephant orphanage in Lusaka that WVS supports, where many of these animals are rehabilitated, ready for their eventual release back to the wild. 

About the charity;

The Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) is a UK based charity which works to promote the welfare of animals on a global scale, as well as providing disaster emergency response. By collating veterinary resources and funds and helping with training and education of vets, they are able to provide a sustainable resource for deprived areas. They help to support over 800 smaller worldwide charities dealing with domesticated, feral and wild animals. In an average year around 150,000 animals are treated, 100 teams are deployed, 850 aid parcels are sent, 500 vets are trained and 250 charities are supported. 

From dog shelters in Thailand, to the welfare of donkeys in India, WVS are in action worldwide, running neutering and vaccination programmes, sending veterinary supplies out to animals in need as well as providing a fast action emergency response to animals affected by natural disasters or other life-changing situations.
If you would like to support both Cathy and Alison and their chosen charity, you can donate via their 'Just Giving' page  - simply click on the link below or drop into the practice. The money raised will go towards the charity's continued work in animal welfare.

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  'thank-you for your support, every donation is greatly appreciated '- Cathy & Alison xx